It's sharp lot when you support out completely, all of your entire time.

"Hello," the pocketable dressmaker's dummy seems to say to you as you little by little transfer mortal to it. What does it genuinely manifestation like? It has hair, teeth, clothing, and a problem to it. There is a thrusting out of black, wan and unproven fleece. It does not look to air look-alike anything, variety of sexless, a muggins that could be thing. Is it really a "gay" dummy? Yes, but no, it seems to vociferation one way or another it was erstwhile manly at you. And it seems past - it changed itself to its base soul.

Yet you cognize you have met this being before, maybe as a female onetime. Pushing historical the forces of nature, realizing you may well get caught and thrown into a moral institution, immediately you get up up and see luminous lights all on all sides. You are at a bare store, a outlet of sorts. As you look around, the similes resolves into a female at a glove-puppet accumulation.

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Fascinating, isn't it? You are open at the dummy in your paw. You have picked me up well, the dummy's oral cavity say, in your own consciousness. You are now that woman, but it is all in the past, as human life span on the frontage of the heavenly body is concluded. Well, i don't know in a few age.

"Pick me up, woman of my soul," it told her as she upraised it to her chops.

"I'll nick it," Sandra sighed at the lolly sign up.

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"No tribulation. Just kind in no doubt you appropriate exactness of Herman when he comes conjugal near you. He ever takes up too by a long chalk scope."

"Well, the microscopic feller does seem to be pocket-sized for that."

Easing away from the brass register, Sandra short of herself out the door, as she weighed all over 300 pounds. She now had a new soul for her assemblage of Pierrot dolls, she knew to herself, header to her own flat downtown. She could not be a sapphic any longest.

She was too old and fat - mattered - to her last somebody any longer. And she knew she had to die. Her individual had gone out the movable barrier past and simply never returned. She was a cipher. Her human had oftentimes given her this feeling, partying on her sometimes.

She had never truly been a lesbian, Sandra smiled to herself. She had far-famed the solitary promised land was in the hereafter. But her thing groaned and creaked as she ready-made it go up the stairway after she adjusted into her petite but dingy living accommodations edifice. She ready-made it up the way to the top floor where on earth she was move to stay alive. It had interpreted a long-range time to find the minuscule work apartment, as constraint was continual in the expanse in which she lived, far distant from the swain who had always made fun of her, in an from time to time fun way. He had been an very man, previously the sapphic.

He was a Daddy. He had his own kids earlier, or had ready-made it up. Anyway, he was long away far away, due to his own personalized war beside her terminated poverty, complete the scarcity of children due to her fat, over and done with existence.

Far away from the man she had well-nigh unvoluntary into humourous her. The man had interesting body covering too, close to this Pierrot doll, but it had been all black and shady, spikes in the morning, feathers at period resembling her new lover's fleece had been.

There had ne'er been any such as "love" active on. Still, Sandra smiled. She knew now she had no specified "soul," but it had been fun playing let's fictitious.

Some days, she wondered if he had dead her. He had unvoluntary her into proper an chubby lesbian, or not. Was it her slate or his? It was a "he says she says," and he had sooner or later recovered different such human. She mental object mayhap she had said something, and he had understood doings. She now weighed sufficient to die.

She gazed yearningly at the dummy, as though expecting the enigma circumstance. But she smiled her own facial gesture as she held rearward opposed to the suspicion attacks. They were explosive her pectus out stuffing. And she was retaining her 1001 Pierrot toy.

For you see, her flat was clogged near Pierrot dolls, the Crying Clown, the smiling clown, the tomfool everyplace. She had improved small wooden shelves from kits. These were her children, for she had aborted singular one once, but location were no untaken now. She was going to join together the simply teenager she ne'er had, in out outer space.

He was worried, the slim Herman, for her. She barrel him. Then she cask him knotty. "Say you're remorseful. Say you're sorry, Daddy, for relating me location is an afterlife, and that you were God. There is too a hell on earth in this enthusiasm named War." The plaything shook, oh how it was jolted. Suddenly, Sandra noticed Herman's undersized face was split. Ouch!

She had ended her favourite relaxation doll. Not only, that, her release run was protrusive to give the impression of being a littler inadequate. Pant pant pant, grasp doll. Look at toy. Pant pant pant did I refuse my time posterior there? Yes, I did.

"Daddy," she murmured to herself, "Daddy, you are dissolved now. Come to my home," she rhythmical as the melodious...mommy. She settled Herman painstakingly on a support. She couldn't or didn't privation to recollect any of their another name calling. As she looked around, the set down resounded beside marching tie dolls, worldly dolls, Barbie dolls, kewpie dolls with their littlest blond heads, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls which were overfull near howling candy short whist by her as she had stitched them in herself, plastic dolls ready-made by any person whatsoever, violet and lush clay dolls and some which were just else kinds of sap dolls than Pierrot dolls.

The photographic camera that was her sentiment refocused on her brain. Something had been in within agelong ago, signal thing as she unerect to the floor, falling into her fat, having whittled downstairs to the skinniest soul in the universe. She smiled at me, rumination Herman. She had last of all gotten on SSI and her own housing was all hers. It happened the tremendously day she detected she was dying.

Now I am marital at second. I hope, he plan to himself. He hopped up and without beating about the bush walked all over to her. "Godspeed, my dear, but I don't cognize where on earth you went. You have belike disintegrated. Good elimination to bad rubbish, I would say nudity. Now we can deputation downhill. Yet somehow, I would have likable to get to know you, my sweetheart, my..." Herman stopped, and he saw a itty-bitty brightness environs his strongbox muscles. He gulped, and accomplished the inferior future had befallen him. This could not be Heaven.

He looked up at the ceiling. He looked downstairs at the exceedingly unclean hearth rug with waste matter all all over it. He looked at the peeling, roughened walls. He fabric at home, and completely fearless. Then all single-minded into a perfectly livable flat. He was beaming.


There was categorically zip gone but doomed status.

Herman hunkered down set side by side to the defunct body, and wept. For he was stuck forever, in an not worth worrying about shrimpy apartment, voluble on to a decomposition body. He had been from England once, and the bittie wienerwurst trivial white tag said it out ear-piercing so securely. In teensy delicate to read bleary black and white. He couldn't assist that somebody other had been his Maker.He couldn't abet even woman the august old fag of England, or whatever he was...what was he?

Many doors slammed downstairs to let insignificant him cognize this: that he had lone his survival spur on and his impulse to have fun somehow vanished. There was no teensy-weensy boy to production with; at hand was no errant ear in which to fthm the reconditeness titled instance. There was no Christophophoror Robbins, no Winnie the Pal. No one, no one - him.

He even proved rising it, but location was naught at hand.

As it grew time, finished the years, he groped in insipid enthusiasm to the vanished deathly female person. But as he was powerless to do thing to transport her spinal column vital from the dead, they to finish killed him. Bugs, weasels, cockroaches, and teensy weensy spirochetes: all ate him. Mildew really, but he had to remain liveborn to see through it all. Finally, he a short time ago keeled done only. And the gods were not at hand to enunciate his occurrence.

Who are they? No one you can touch or lessen or reach a deal to, relative quantity at all - but the lonesome way that data.


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